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What is Concept Art and What is it For?

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Concept art is a form of illustration which is used to present the idea or message in movies, games, animation and other before the idea is put into the final product. Concept art should not be mixed with conceptual art. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a work of concept art. […]

What Are Traditional Arts?

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Art today tends to be labelled in various ways, from performance arts to something called the fine arts. Some even find that traditional arts are different from any other arts. If that is so, then what are traditional arts? The Traditional Arts As They Were Once Seen The arts were often divided into the fine […]

Is Luck Responsible for Successful Art?

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Some people think that being an artist, especially one who hopes to sell their work and have it exhibited at galleries, requires much more luck than skill or creativity. In some cases, that can turn out to be true, but for many others, successful art is a sign of a great artist. Can luck help […]

Relationship Between Sports and the Arts

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There are sports closely related to art in which winners are determined by the beauty of artistic elements of their performance. Judges in figure skating assess beauty and complexion of figures, as well as the precision of the execution. Scoring in diving or artistic swimming, formerly known as synchronized swimming, is not that much different […]

What do Special Effects Artists Do?

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You know when you watch a movie and can’t believe what you are seeing, so you start wondering – how did they do it? How did they age Brad Pitt so realistically in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, how did they create the incredible world of Pandora in Avatar, or how did they manage […]

Are Online Games an Art Form?

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Some people would argue that the principal difference between the purpose of online games and art is the fact that the ultimate goal of an online video game is to win, either by reaching a high score, annihilating your virtual opponents, gaining a trophy, or having the best hand in cards. But when it comes […]