Is Luck Responsible for Successful Art?

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Some people think that being an artist, especially one who hopes to sell their work and have it exhibited at galleries, requires much more luck than skill or creativity. In some cases, that can turn out to be true, but for many others, successful art is a sign of a great artist.

Can luck help you? Maybe, but skill itself is often more important, as well as the work of art itself.

Lucky Art in an Unlucky Time

In this modern world, traditional paintings can be sold for smaller sums, unless they were painted by a celebrity or have gained value. Gaining value in today’s galleries often requires the painting, or other work of art, to comply with whichever style or form is popular with the time. The absence of real critics emphasizes that even more, judging art only by value and similarity to the current trending movement.

Some forms of art cannot be deemed lucky today, especially when marketing is driving every product. Digital art is also a different story, mostly due to it not being tied down to any gallery.

Lucky Art in a Lucky Time

Digital art, on the other hand, can easily be shared on multiple platforms. There are several dedicated image hosting and sharing services, some of which are frequently visited by people who are looking for art and artists, some of them even gallery owners. These platforms are a great way of marketing your own art. Likewise, social media can help in that regard.

However, if you do not share your art on more than one site or even make an effort to put your content forward, you will be swept away by the search engine algorithms and your art will be stuck on some server, just like it would be in a local gallery. Your only hope would be for someone to accidentally click your profile, somehow.

Art Takes Skill Rather than Luck

Art requires a lot of skill, practice and dedication. Countless days and nights spent in practising your art can help you make it better, improving your odds of becoming successful. Skill alone, however, does not cut it in today’s world.

Art Requires Other Skills

If you want to sell your art and become successful, you must become good at marketing yourself and your art. Whether by talking to people, finding contacts, using social skills, or by using image hosting sites, social media and the internet, you have to be able to market your art in order for it to become noticed. After it becomes noticed, then you need to have people attention stick to it. This is where your skill as an artist will come into play. People will remember good art, once they lay their eyes on it.

Art requires a great deal of skills, from the ones necessary to the practice and creation of that art, to the skills needed to market and advertise your own content. Luck can help, sure, but luck will not make your art great, nor you a great artist.