Top Five Sports Museums

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One of the favorite ways of entertainment has always been sports. People love watching sports, playing sports and betting on sports. Just look at things like London marathon betting!

Those who love to hear about sports history, who want to listen to the stories of athletes, or who want to know the background of the famous sports club should visit sports museums. There are many famous sports museums in the world. However, in this article, we will focus on sports museums in Europe. In the following paragraphs, we will write about the top five sports museums in the old continent.

British Golf Museum

British Golf Museum is located in St Andrews, in Scotland. In the home of golf, you will find 17,000 golf-related objects. The museum obtains articles and laws on playing golf, ball pattern-making press, Bobby Jones Flicker Box and many others. The museum is especially proud of having SImplex Crosshead Wood, Seve Ballesteros shoes. James Braid pocket watch and many other famous golf requisites which tell the history of golf and its players. If you visit St Andrews, book a ticket and visit the British Golf Museum to see how amazing it is.

Camp Nou Museum

Camp Nou Museum is located in Span, in Barcelona to be precise. The museum is a part of Camp Nou stadium, the football stadium of the Barcelona Football Club. whether you are a Barca fan or not, you are familiar with the club and its stadium. The stadium is one of the most beautiful in Europe and it is definitely the largest one. The museum tells the stories of the history of the club and its players. If you visit Barcelona try to book a ticket for Camp Nou. You can have a tour through the stadium and museum and you can see for yourself how impressive Camp Nou is.

Manchester United Museum

Football fans are well familiar with Manchester United. Manchester United is one of the top English Premier League Clubs. It is a home club of many famous football players. People who love English football love Manchester United. The museum of the club tells the story of the games and players who played the games. It tells the story of how the club became what it is today. The museum has many exhibits so that you can learn a lot about the team’s history. It is a home of the trophies of the club and other objects important for the club.

Ferrari Museum

Ferrari Museum is located in Italy, in Bologna. Everybody knows about Ferrari. It is a car industry which makes amazing and expensive cars. However, the Ferrari museum is not only about cars. In the museum, there is a section dedicated to Formula 1. In this section, you will learn a lot about Formula 1 races and the drivers. If you love cars and you love care racing, go to Bologna and visit Ferrari museum.

Wimbledon Museum

Wimbledon Museum is located in London. For those who love tennis, an explanation of what the museum is dedicated to is unnecessary. It is a museum dedicated to tennis. Wimbledon is a tennis venue and event famous all around the world. The museum is part of the court, and it has in its ownership many trophies and equipment belonging to the players. The museum tells the story of the championship from its beginnings in 1877. If you are lucky enough when you visit Wimbledon you can attend special exhibitions as well.