What Industries Can You Work in as a Graphic Designer?

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already existing designs and shake up the system. People who think of graphic design usually think of designing logos, but that is only a part of what you can do as a graphic designers. Graphic design is necessary in many parts of business, and is directly related to a lot of jobs.


This is a modern and very coveted job. Animators can find work anywhere, from police stations, by helping recreate crime scenes, to video game design and development. This is without stating the obvious, such as working for studios to help create movies and animated movies. This is an outstanding job opportunity for anyone who loves animations.

Advertisement Art Director

This means taking responsibility into your own hands and working very closely with a copywriter to create the best possible advertisement. The copywriter usually works on the textual part of the advertisement while the art director works on the visual part. With how everything is evolving, everything is getting mixed and more often than not, both the copywriter and the art director do more than their own respective jobs, entering into each other’s domain.

Web Design

Web design is extremely important today, although the competition is fierce. But, a good designer always comes forward, through the mass of mediocre designs. Web design means working very closely with web developers. If that is a thought which might turn you away from web design, then learning to code might be a good solution, other than finding a different career path.

Photo Editing

This is also very important, as every site need photographs, not to mention all the thumbnails in the many YouTube videos. Someone needs to create all those thumbnails. For many editors, this means daily work, so there is no fear of running out of work. Photo editing is needed in serious news publications, as well, not to mention blogs. It is a competitive environment, but also a profitable one.


Any graphic designer with years of experience, and let’s face it, the years will go by, can become a teacher. Not every designer will be a good teacher, but some may find new life in empowering upcoming designers and making their path easier. Whether teaching through online tutorials or online courses, or even at a university, this is a very respectable position.

Freelancing – The Jack of All Trades

Freelancing means you can tackle multiple jobs and never commit truly to a single path like web design. Freelancing also means that you will have to be able to offer something competitive, either tons of experience, a great design or price. It also means an unsteady flow of income, but for the price of freedom. That is a price many designers love paying, especially since they apply their knowledge of graphic design to multiple fields.

Print Industry

Newspapers, traditional ones, are in need of graphic designers. Even though people turn to online news, so many still love buying magazines and newspapers to read and catch up on whatever they want to. The feeling of holding paper is sacred to many people.

These are the multiple career paths a graphic designer can take. There are many more options, though these are the most common ones.