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What is Digital Art?

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Not so long ago, the only way to create a work of art was to use either a pen and paper, brushes, or some other materials. Nowadays, we can create art by using technology. These types of art are called digital art. The term ‘digital art’ was used for the first time in the 1980s […]

Digital Arts and Game Animation – The Things You Need to Know

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Game animation is a very popular job today, one that is necessary for the creation of any video game. Some prefer doing 2D work while others stick to 3D work. Whichever you choose, you need to know some things before making that choice and starting your journey into the world of game animation. A digital […]

The Connection of Sports Illustration and Digital Art – What it Takes to Be a Sports Illustrator

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Sports always needed art to succeed, especially after advertisements became popular, whether printed ones or visual ones. Once 3D art and illustration became mainstream, there was an even greater need for digital artists to dedicate their own time and careers to sports illustrations. Here are some things you should know if you want to be […]

Jobs You Can Get with a Digital Arts Degree

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People dream of going to college, finishing it and getting a job. Many know what they will find on their road, as they often plan their career ahead. Those people do not have trouble finding their jobs and callings. Some people have a vague idea of what their future might hold and they just enroll […]

The Tools Used for Digital Art

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An artist can only do so much without their tools. Whether they are sculpting, painting or drawing, their work depends on the quality of their tools, and then on their practice and hard work and lastly, talent. Digital art is no different. While you could make drawings and paintings in Microsoft Paint, there are severe […]

What Education is Needed to Become a Digital Artist?

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A digital, or multimedia artist, is responsible for the design of visual and special effects and animated images. Those who are interested in becoming digital artists should know that the most important thing is getting the required education. This job enables you to work for companies designing video and mobile games, those operating in the […]