What Education is Needed to Become a Digital Artist?

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A digital, or multimedia artist, is responsible for the design of visual and special effects and animated images. Those who are interested in becoming digital artists should know that the most important thing is getting the required education. This job enables you to work for companies designing video and mobile games, those operating in the digital effects industry, TV or film studios, or you can always freelance doing various jobs in this field.

Preferred education

Even though you can be self-taught and learn a lot about the digital art industry on your own, some companies prefer having employees who own a certificate or a diploma in the related field. There are a few degrees that are guaranteed to get you the right educational background and required skills you need to pursue this career.

Visual arts

Studying visual arts gets you both theoretical and practical knowledge in a broad field of art, animation, drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture, print media. As this education covers many areas of both digital and traditional art, you can pursue a career not only as a digital artist but as an animator, illustrator, graphic and industrial designers, and many others, as well.

Those who are artistic, creative and passionate about art production and artistic exploration and want to explore what digital art has to offer when it comes to job opportunities, should consider getting a degree in visual arts because it will give them both technical and formal training necessary for that occupation.

Graphic Design

A degree in graphic design is ideal for all those who want to turn their passion for art and talent into a career. Graphic designers typically use technology to create visual concepts and develop designs for any media. Students acquire skills in both typography, drawing and illustration, and the use of relevant tools, essential technologies, and software.

Throughout their studies, graphic design students are encouraged to create their portfolios to showcase their skills and talent, which can help them gain employment once they obtain their degrees. When it comes to career options since graphic design is needed in various industries, the possibilities are plentiful, and they include digital artist and animators, digital specialists, video and photo software editors, and many others.

Game and Interactive Media Design

Obtaining a degree in game and interactive media design will enable you to get the required knowledge needed for working in the digital arts industry, mainly video games and entertainment, but also any job requiring knowing the ins and outs of programming, 3-D computer animation, story development, simulation, digital design and sound, and applications. Having an artistic trait is a must, but the technical training acquired through these studies is what will enable you to pursue a career in digital arts.

Students of game and interactive media design typically create their digital portfolio to showcase their artistic work as well as technical education, which can help them not only apply for various internships upon completing their studies but also obtain employment.