How to Become a Web Designer in Three Steps

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Twenty years ago Bill Gates said that if your business was not on the Internet, you will go out of business. Twenty years later we have to admit that he was right. For that reason, web designers have become very important figures in business. Companies need them in order to create a good website. So, what is web design? Web design determines everything about your website, from the content and the way the website looks to the way the website works. Having a good and professional web design will make your business look credible on the Internet. For that reason, web designers are wanted in the job market nowadays. For those of you who are interested in web design and who want to become web designers, in the following paragraphs, we will try to give you some tips on how to become a web designer.


Each time you start a new thing, you first have to learn the basic principles. The same goes for web design. The first thing you need to do is to do some research on web design and learn the theory. You have to learn the rules of UX design. Secondly, learn how websites should be organized. This is very important because the well-organized website will attract more visitors. Thirdly, learn the color theory and the basic principles of visual hierarchy. Finally, be prepared to never stop learning. Web design is a field that evolves as we speak and new things are invented each day. In order to keep touch and to be a good web designer, you need to learn about web design all the time.


Web design requires a lot of coding. So if you are not familiar with coding and programming languages, we advise you to start learning. If you know how to use some program languages, it will be much easier for you to explore different possibilities in creating a website. Having skills in HTML, CSS and or JavaScript will give you a lot of benefits. You will be able to find a solution to the problem easily and quickly.

Furthermore, if you want to be a web designer you have to become familiar with basic SEO rules. The website you create has to be both user-friendly and search-engine-bots friendly. SEO aims to create better online visibility of a website. Thus, a web designer should improve the performance of the site, optimize it for multiple platforms in order to attract the target audience.


When you make web design, you should test it not only once, but from time to time in order to be sure that it will work. You may ask why. It is because the technology is evolving and improving, and in no time your website can become old-fashioned or it can stop working. So, in order to prevent this, play on the safe side and check your website from time to time.