Best Books for Sports Fanatics – Books You Need to Read as a Sports Fan

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Sports are a frequent topic, for both the media, the audience, and the athletes. People just love everything about sports, from watching to betting online with the 1xbet promo code. Books have been written on various topics regarding sports. As a sports fan, there are plenty of books that everyone should read if they truly consider themselves fans of sports. There are some books among the sea of pages that stand out, books that every sports fan should read.

League of Denial

The NFL has a lot of fans, and a lot of great athletes. Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru brought us a book which deals with the subjects almost everyone in the NFL scene is terrified of, brain damage. Many things are hidden in the world of professional sports, especially the frequency of injuries. Athletes have died or suffered serious disabilities and many of that information has been withheld. This book can shine some light about the grimness of the NFL.

Moving Mountains

This book was written by Reinhold Messner, a retired alpine climber, adventurer, the first person to climb Everest without supplemental oxygen. In this book, he tells the stories of his many climbs, the experiences of climbing and descending, how luck and chance often guide you rather than skill. But also, he tells of the extraordinary possibilities of human willpower. It is a must read for any sports fan, and it doubles as a self-help book.

How Cycling can Save the World

This book explores the world of cycling and how using a bicycle can impact our world, both economically, have an environmental impact, as well as a personal, mental one. Peter Walker loves to cycle, despite his last name, which is apparent to anyone who reads this book about transportation, adventure and personal growth.


Basketball explores the world of the eponymous sport, tracing it back through history, following up to this day. You get to see how basketball changed and changed the world around it, following or standing up against some social trends. Rafe Bartholomew, Dan Klores and Jackie MacMullan tell this story wonderfully.

The Bloodied Field

Michael Foley recalls the story of Michael Hogan, an Irish footballer who was shot in Croke Park. This shooting took place in 1920, on November 21. This was during the War of Independence, at a match between Tipperary and Dublin. The late Michael Hogan played for Tipperary. This book takes us back to that day, providing different perspectives.

The Big Miss

Tiger Woods is a legend in the world of golf, and many people know of him who have never even bothered watching a single golf shot. Hank Haney was Tiger Woods’ coach for six years. During that time, he managed to see a lot more of Tiger Woods than anybody else would have guessed, particularly before 2009.

Open: An Autobiography

Andre Agassi is a retired tennis professional, one who won 8 grand slam titles. He recalls his stories, from substance abuse to what it takes to become a champion and rank 1 player. It’s a very honest book.

These are some of the essentials for sports fanatics to read.