Italian Street Painting Festivals & Drawing on Earth
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2000 - 1994




First Chalk Drawing Festival - I Madonnari, Santa Barbara, CA

with Phil Roberts - 1994


As I like to tell it...
way back when - the peasants were too poor and smelled too bad, the big Church would not let them in. So the artists came and drew pictures of the Saints on the streets so the people could still connect to spirit.

Over the last 13 years I have been involved in chalk drawing festivals: Santa Barbara, San Rafael, Valencia, Tahoe. Businesses are invited to sponsor squares that the artists draw on. The event is visited by thousands of people and takes place for 2 days. The money goes to support various causes, mainly to help keep the art's alive in a local communities.

Great fun, you see the many chalk covered artists and students,working away, sun burned, smiling, happy, having fun creating in a festive community environment. Some of the artists are invited to created larger works, these are the "featured artist"and they get paid.

Since the original creation of the event came from Italy, many of the artist recreate old masters like Raphael and Michelangelo. Great chance to study from the masters.

Over the last 3 years I have used a computer and photoshop to help me understand shapes better. I apply a grid to my color copy and then make a larger grid on the street - a piece I worked on was 14 x 16 feet. The grid helps me not get lost, it also helps other people who might help me not get lost.

I did work with a fellow artist named Phil Roberts, we were the featured artist at the Mission in Santa Barbara. We had six days to do a 15 x 20 foot chalk drawing of a Michelangelo. Phil didn't use a grid, he didn't need to, he free handed the entire piece - my hero!


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