Designing Casino Games – 3D Slots, Poker and Everything Else

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Casinos are a major part of our culture, especially the modern ones. Nowadays, they can be found with a click of a button as opposed to having to travel to one just a couple of decades ago. Modern online casinos offer many welcome offers to their users, or bonus codes like MaxBet Bonus, which is also something that the traditional casinos don’t put in practice often. With more countries legalizing online gambling, or gambling in general, casinos have an even bigger need for game designers.

In order to become a casino game designer, there are a couple of things which you should know, which often differ from the regular game design.

The Goal is to Keep Customers Satisfied

The customer is the most important, as the saying goes. This applies even more for casino games. You do not have to appeal to everyone if you are going to build a simple adventure game, but a casino game must be interesting and unique. Truly enough, some games can only be saved by design, such as a simple poker game. Other games can rely on their gameplay, like slots games, which allow for more interesting designs. Yes, you can make a poker video game interesting, but if it goes too far in terms of design, it might start deviating from what is considered standard poker.

Look at the Existing Games

Success stories can often be written by learning from your peers. Take any successful casino game, whether a colorful slot game or a simplistic poker or roulette game, you can learn from its design and see whether it had anything to do with the success of the game. Yes, slots benefit the most from a good design, while table games can benefit from design, but most often need to offer gameplay.

Be Daring

If you do not try to do something different from your competitors, you will likely be labelled as a cheap copy, or a clone, at best. Being daring, taking the design into your own hands and improving it to the point of uniqueness will make your game stand out.

Slot games require daring designs, catering to a specific theme. Beaches, wizards, monsters, space, whatever the theme, be daring.

Table games can have daring designs, but you should make those optional, rather than mandatory.

Be Consistent

Designing a game means you should be consistent. Talk with the developers and see whether your design will burden the game’s engine, the hardware or the internet connection. The games need to be pretty, but also lightweight, so that they can work on mobile devices and be used from everywhere. Making one scene blank and another full of stuff is going to leave a bad taste.

3D and Virtual Reality

The future is in virtual reality games. Think about that before you design another 2D slot machine game. What about an entire VR casino or a VR table game. Anything in virtual reality, if working properly, will draw more and more customers.

Being an online casino game designer does not, in fact, differ that much from being a regular designer. You do need to look at the specifics of casino games, which is to be expected.