Books That Teach You Gambling – Is Just the Written Word Enough?

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Books have taught us for the better part of our history, at least efficiently. Compared to speech and stories, books do not forget or change their content by themselves, as stories often do. Today, with so many visual guides and tutorials, videos, audiobooks, and the like, can you learn from just a regular book? Of course, you can. But can people learn about gambling from a book? Isn’t it logical that they would learn more about it by using a Betfred Casino Welcome Offer when signing up for an online casino? Well, both yes and no, and today we have prepared an article about some great gambling books so that you can see for yourself that books on this topic can be beneficial as well.

Without further ado, here are some great books on gambling, written by experts.

Casino Answer Book

John Grochowski tells us a story of how casinos earn their money. The house has to have an advantage or such a business would never be possible. This is particularly true for online casinos which offer nothing but games for their customers. Land-based casinos have other things, like accommodation, entertainment, meals and many more a thing to offer. If you want to know how to beat the house, particularly in roulette, blackjack or electronic poker, this is the book for you.

Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling

This is a great book if you want to know a bit of gambling history and a bit more about some tricks and tips, specifically how to win in some games and how to approach cheating, even. John Scarne was regarded as one of the best card magicians of his tame, adept at card manipulation and plenty of card games. His book should give you an insight into cards.

Beat the Dealer

This is a book which started card counting and Edward Thorp is widely regarded as the father of card counting. This book is also called A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty One, meaning blackjack. The has been here since 1962 and it teaches us how to approach cards mathematically and how to spot card counting and avoid being spotted. It is a must-read for any card player.

Can Books Really Teach Us?

Well, yes, they can, especially if you put the knowledge inside the books to practice. Gambling is something you can know of, but in order to really know what to do, you need to place wagers. For card games, practice is necessary, for sports betting, research. Books can provide you with the foundation on which you can build your betting or card playing. You do have to practice in order to become a proficient card player, while betting requires a strategic mind, one that is not afraid of waiting for the odds to shift.

Multimedia – Necessary or a Hindrance?

Even though books are here to stay, multimedia provides an easier or more entertaining way for some to learn. Multimedia tutorials are not necessary, yet they offer an alternative to books. Some may think they know more than they do by watching tutorials, yet the same applies to reading books. Practice makes perfect, or at least closer to perfection.

Books can teach us, just like multimedia tutorials, but we have to be willing to learn and to practice. Learning to gamble is not an outlier in this regard.